Idiosyncratic veg growing in the vicar's garden AND in an allotment in the village. A "how not to" guide...

Friday, December 30, 2005

After a solid week of frozen ground, we woke this morning to find it pouring with rain. Perhaps the ground would have softened up? Myself and jules headed down to the allotment this afternoon to discover that unlike the rest of the village, the dirtyhoes patch of land is the most sheltered place in the Midlands! The ground was still hard as rock with a covering of frost even at the height of the day. We mooched about for a bit looking for something to do, but the main work of digging is really what needs to be finished now and there was no chance today. We contemplated pruning back the raspberry canes, but thought we'd better do a bit more research first in case of problems with pruning in these temperatures. Instead we decided to pre-empt our enevitable rabbit pest problem by roadtesting some air rifles down in Burton. Pop! Pop Bang Bang!


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