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Friday, February 17, 2006

I love diggin' me

Having told Mad that we definitely didn't need to plant anything until March, I checked the packets! ooops! Should have planted the tomatoes last month, don't tell anyone, and it will be ok!! I went to Burton (oh the excitement almost never starts) today and bought some seed trays, peat pots and seed compost. I planted twenty broad beans 'dreadnought' and 'express', we need to plant another twenty in a month. I planted the first row of carrots and also all the tomato seeds. The one thing I learned today was, if you are at all tempted to water your newly planted seeds with a hosepipe, don't. It's a really bad idea. Managed to empty most of the soil on to the floor and doused both my windows and next doors with a hyper jet. oops don't tell anyone, no one will know! Picked up all the broad bean seeds and scraped the compost off the windows and started again. Thank God I didn't do the carrots and tomatoes, they are really small!


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