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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Oh my word they're triffids!!

In the words of my wise father, 'spring is sprung, the grass is ris' I wonder where the birdies is? The little birds is on the wing, that's absurd the little wings is on the bird'! Couldn't have put it better.
I bottled out of gardening today as Mad was injecting hard core vaccination drugs, and both boys were at work, boo hiss. So instead I headed off to Stoke to see my Mum and Dad! I asked Mum to look after the little seedlings last week when we were away. Only the Lord above knows what she has done to them! She obviously has the greenest of green fingers! Mum transplanted the little (about 5cm high) tomato seedlings into bigger pots and they have turned into TRIFFIDS!! No word of a lie those tomato plants are the size of your head!! I suspect that she killed our ones and has replaced them with small tomato trees!!

Really glad we didn't plant the potatoes yesterday, there was a rather heavy frost last night.


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