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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Summer's Here!

Today has been really warm and morale is high, so time for a quick update on work done in the last few weeks. The potatoes are all in, giving much trickiness deciding whether to plant the Pink Fir Apples horizontally or vertically! Some broad beans have been planted and the rest of the broad bean area is ready for planting. All the onions are in and the carrots are nearly all in as well. Canes have been purchased for building a fruit cage for the soft fruits, space prepared for the grow bags and clear plastic purchased for making some temporary greenhouses for the tomatoes.

Many chitted potatoes are left over and our experiment to protect the carrots was followed by the warmest day of the year but luckily they were checked today and there is no singing! (how do you spell that anyway? sindging?)

The Repton village show is confirmed as the 2nd of September (as is Newton Solney), so Rob has purhased some "super seed" and is calculating to the exact %age of sand/compost mix he needs for growing his champion carrots and winning the inaugural Dirty Hoe cup!

Rob has also rebuilt the compost bins and they now look really good after the dumping of the first batch of chicken dung from the Pastures!

All that remains is for the planting of fennel and turnips and we're really in business ;o)

....and maybe the odd cabbage...

...I suppose....


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