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Friday, May 19, 2006

They're here!

And not in a creepy poltergeist sort of way!!

Having asked our lovely post man to put any packages which don't fit in our letter box in the coal bunker, Jerome and I have installed a rather impressive gate. So Mr Postman in his infinite wisdom dropped the packets over the gate rather than taking them back to base. Imagine my surprise when I opened said packets to find a liberal sprinkling of soil with small plants hidden within! Not too impressed I can tell you.

Anyway, it would appear that all the plants were fine and Rob and I set about the task of planting all the little greenish! 40 green cabbages! Yes 40 went in the ground with little trouble. 12 red cabbages were a little tricky as space is now at a premium! We are going to have to think really carefully about where the broccoli is going! whoops, too many little plants!

The Vicar has decided to help us in our gardening and has spread a good amount of grass clippings all over our plot. When I first arrived at the garden I was a little upset, but then calmed down and decided to imagine it was infact a very helpful gesture, helping us to mulch the plot in order to prevent weeds!! He came to have a chat whilst we were planting, which was nice!

hmmmm where to put the broccoli....


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