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Friday, June 16, 2006

Postcard from Munich...

So I am sitting in the internet cafe at 2.11 am waiting for my 7.45 plane back to blighty. The game was poor, I am knackered and nowhere else is open. My thoughts naturally turned to the allotment!

Well this week we have got the sweetcorns finally in and they are looking great, should be nibbling on our own cobs fairly soon! Also corgettes, squashs and the MAMMOTH marrow are all in and growing like mad already!

A lot of the turnips didnt survive transplanting, so a new batch will have to be done, but the broad beans are bursting with pods!

We have two drainpipes full of peas and about 20 runner bean plants to do on Sunday. Should be interesting with the new puppy in tow!!?!!

We pray for rain so we dont have to go down every night, but weeding is now becoming the #1 priority as soon as we get this last set of stuff planted.

The new wedding and birthday hoes from the court and rushton houses are looking good, but can we convince the girls to start using them.....?


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