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Friday, August 04, 2006


Well all seems to be going well in the garden, just watering and weeding to be done. I like the watering because we go to the pub afterwards, its traditional!! The garlic have been dug up and plaited into strings, very exciting. There have been more corgettes than we like to deal with and one of the runner beans turned out to be a French dwarf bean! Sometimes it gets a little exciting! Bobby did a bit of pick axe planting which was fun so the celeriac are finally in the ground! The day to day battle with the butterflies is getting a little tiring!
now then, wine. Everyone likes wine.... Don't they? I was at my Mum and Dads house reading one of their books about the subject when I came across the following phrase 'Of one thing you can be sure, that making your own wine not only enables you to drink far more than you could possibly afford to buy, but also provides you with an enjoyable and satisfying hobby, that is guaranteed to bring you years of happiness amongst new friends who share your interest'! Like a sea bass on a hook I was caught! Imagine more wine that you could possibly afford to buy! Now I have a good job and can afford to buy quite a lot.............
so the very next day demi johns were acquired and cleaned, equipotent was 'borrowed' and bought and off I went to the allotment with a bucket and a smile! I picked 3lbs of blackcurrents, and landed about 2lbs of various insects and spiders. Bobby and I then removed all the stems, stalks, bad ones and wildlife, this can only be described as a jail job! The pulp was fermented and I now have a gallon of the purple goodness bubbling happily in the airing cupboard along with another 2 gallons of ginger and elderflower. Oh yes much more than I could possibly afford to buy mmmmm hope its ready soon. The book says about a year, but that cant possibly be correct, that is ages! Pea pod is next, with all dirty hoes instructed to freeze said pods until the 2lb mark is reached! mmmmmmmm wine!


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